Our platform is based on collecting and mining commercial loan metrics.  If you are a valuer member this information includes for the loans where you provided the valuation report:

  1. Your Firm’s name;
  2. The valuer who signed off;
  3. The valuer who countersigned;
  4. The valuation amount;
  5. The valuation date.

If you are an experienced valuer and wish to join the platform simple complete the form below. The advantage of joining the platform is you:

  1. Retain your lender clients who wish to display this information on the platform;
  2. Appear as the valuer on loans that rely on your valuations (visible to lenders and brokers).
  3. Your speciality and depth of experience is visible to exactly your target clients. Thus the more loans that cite you as the valuer the more instructions you can expect to receive.

Valuers who use the platform are subject to Terms and Conditions.

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