We welcome all proficient and reputable commercial brokers to our platform. If you are looking to increase your deal flow and effortlessly access lenders with whom you have no direct track record then this is the platform for you. 

When an Omicron lender is approached by a new broker, they can see the Omicron track record of that broker, including any defaults. If you have a long history of placing deals, with no defaults, no shortfalls and sterling ratings, the lender will welcome your application with open arms because they are assured they are dealing with quality.

Your profile on the platform will contain details and statistics for all loans you have settled with Omicron lenders. This includes, for each loan:

  1. Advance date
  2. Suburb
  3. Principal
  4. Interest Rate
  5. Establishment Fee
  6. Security type and sub-type (from a drop down)
  7. Security suburb
  8. Scenario (from a drop down)
  9. Valuer & valuation
  10. Broker and star rating
  11. Lender and star rating
  12. Accredited Solicitor and star rating
  13. Discharge date
  14. Days delinquent
  15. Shortfall

Your loans act as your in-platform advertisement, the more loans you settle of a particular type the more enquiries you will receive from borrowers for that type of loan. This is because the Omicron public search will return your details to borrowers searching by matching loan criteria.

Through the platform you can see the track record for all lenders on the platform. This allows you to avoid wasting time with lenders who have no track record with the type of loan you are trying to place. Broker reviews and star ratings drive lenders who disappoint brokers off the platform.

The cost to you, as a broker,  using the platform, is exactly nothing. The benefits are enormous and continue to grow with every deal you settle.

Your profile (and therefore your track record) will be visible to:

  1. Lenders and Brokers who use the platform
  2. The public via Google searches
  3. The public via Broker searches on our home page

As you build your Omicron loan book you are building your search visibility to commercial borrowers and thereby leveraging your past achievements to create a growing stream of enquiries.

Brokers who use the platform are subject to Terms and Conditions.

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