We welcome all proficient and reputable commercial lenders to our platform. If you are looking to increase your settlements then this platform is for you.
To use the platform you simply enter your lending criteria. Platform brokers can see your lending criteria if:
  1. You have settled a loan in the last 3 months (on their Monday morning email from the platform);
  2. They look you up;
  3. One your loans appears on a search they run.
Each time you settle a loan the following details are recorded:
  1. Advance date;
  2. Suburb;
  3. Principal;
  4. Interest Rate;
  5. Establishment Fee;
  6. Security type and sub-type (from a drop down);
  7. Security suburb;
  8. Scenario (from a drop down);
  9. Valuer & valuation;
  10. Broker and star rating;
  11. Lender and star rating;
  12. Solicitor and star rating;
  13. Discharge date;
  14. Days delinquent;
  15. Shortfall.

The solicitor who acts for you on the advance certifies these details and updates the platform when the loan discharges.

Your loans act as your in-platform advertisement, the more loans you settle of a particular type the more enquiries you will receive from broker members for that type of loan.

When a new broker approaches you, you can check out their track record by accessing metrics (both statistical and loan-by-loan) on every loan the broker has ever introduced to a platform lender. You can see average star ratings and drill down and read reviews for each loan. Most importantly you can see if they have ever had shortfalls.
Membership of the platform is free. The cost to register each loan is as follows:
  1. Loan principal >$10M – NO CHARGE
  2. The law firm acting for the lender owns lender – NO CHARGE
  3. The law firm acting for the lender Bransgroves Lawyers – NO CHARGE
  4. Bransgroves Lawyers used for 1 in every 4 loans – NO CHARGE
  5. The lender pays 0.006% of the principal for every loan they advertise on Omicron. Thus for a $3M loan they would pay $180. This gets auto deducted from your credit card when your lawyer confirms the loan details.

Lenders who use the platform are subject to Terms and Conditions.

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