Tesla stunned the world back in January 2021 when Elon Musk announced the Model Y would move to a die cast rear chassis. Earlier this year Giga Texas began outputting production Model Ys with front and rear castings with a structural battery pack in between. Giga Berlin will be the next factory to convert to building the Model Y with Giga Castings once its battery factory comes into commission.

The next Model to get Giga Castings will be the Cybertruck. In May, the Italian IDRA Group who make the Giga Press Italy announced it was building a 9,000-ton Giga Press. This was widely believed to be for Tesla. The hydraulic presses Tesla bought from IDRA for the Model Y are 6,000-ton models. IDRA has released a video showing the assembly of the press

Elon Musk confirmed this was for the Cybertruck in the following Tweet.

The Giga Press used for the Model Y features a clamping pressure of around 60,000 kN. The new model to be used for the Cybertruck generates 88,000 kN of pressure, and like its predecessor will be the biggest die cast machine in the history.

A drone flying over the Texas Factory took photos of the foundations for this machine being formed up.

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