Solicitor Code of Conduct

This code of conduct applies to accredited solicitors of the Omicron platform. This code constitutes a contract between such solicitors and Omicron Mortgages Pty Ltd. Brokers who breach the code are liable to suspension, removal of accreditation and in the case of clause, 6 damages.

  1. The solicitor must at all times act in an efficient, ethical and professional fashion.
  1. The solicitor must only act for the investor to a loan transaction.
  1. The solicitor must not receive or share in any commission or fee related to the transaction other than the legal fees disclosed to the investor.
  1. The solicitor must use only Omicron-endorsed loan syndicate deeds.
  1. The solicitor enter all data that appears on Omicron accurately.
  1. The solicitor must not act for investors introduced to the broker through the platform, except through the platform, for a period of 2 years from the date the solicitor ceases to be a Omicron-accredited solicitor on the platform. It is agreed that for breach of this clause the solicitor must make an account of profits to Omicron.