Our Investors

Investors who use the Omicron platform are typically investing their own self-managed superannuation or private wealth funds. We do not service lenders who have an AFSL, credit license or their own website. Our service is designed to provide private investors with the ability to compete with professional lenders for the best deals available in the market.

When an investor registers with Omicron they are asked to choose which categories of loan they wish to offer. The choices are: first mortgages; second mortgages; construction mortgages; rural mortgages and land bank. Having chosen their categories the investor must next specify their lending criteria for each chosen category. This includes preferred parcel size, interest rate, gearing, geographic preference, security types and fees.

The investors who derive the most benefit from the Omicron platform are those who invest across a portfolio of mortgages and reinvest returned funds as each loan is repaid on a revolving basis. Such investors develop close relationships with a stable of brokers with whom they do repeat business. The benefit they derive from the platform is being able to alert their preferred brokers as to their availability of funds without having to call them or be called by them.