The platform determines which lenders are visible to which brokers using a sophisticated matching algorithm.

The algorithm is being constantly refined to enhance the prospects of each lender finding their ideal loan as soon as possible after they advertise the availability of funds. The algorithem analyses each user’s ideal lending criteria, their track record and market trends to arrive at its decisions.


The algorithm does not take the place of personal relationships. While it is useful in assisting lenders and brokers to form new relationships the fact remains that the vast majority of loans written through the platform are between lenders and brokers who have previously dealt with one another. What the platform does do is enable lenders and brokers to manage a larger number of relationships than they would be able to manually. Specifically it tells brokers who, out of their existing contacts, has suitable funds available at given moment in time.

Cupid’s Rules

The matching rules include:

  1. Lenders can see brokers they have settled loans with in the past.
  2. Brokers receive more lenders the more loans they have settled.
  3. Lenders and brokers can pause or blacklist each other.
  4. Lenders are matched by parcel size, geographic preference, security preference and interest rate to brokers with the closest track record.
  5. High volume lenders are matched with high volume brokers, thus success breeds success.
  6. Highly rated lenders are matched with highly rated brokers and vice versa, thus the better parties behave the better the counterparties they find themselves matched with.
  7. Lower interests rates are listed ahead of higher interest rates within the same category

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