Investor Profile

The Omicron Platform has a profile for each investor which is visible to all matched brokers. The profile includes:

  • A history of all loans written on the platform by the investor, including settlement date, principal, security suburb, interest rate, default status, broker star rating and broker reviews;
  • Statistics on the investor’s settled loans, including default rates and star ratings;
  • Statistics on the investor’s rejection-to-acceptance ratio, including ratios of the standard reasons given;
  • Reviews written by the investor about other brokers.

This information allows brokers to be discerning in deciding which investors they deal with.

Investors can offer any of the following categories: first mortgages; second mortgages; construction mortgages and land bank. For each category the investor must define the applicable loan criteria including geographic preferences, security types, gearing and establishment fees. A category offering can also be paused or show zero funds available with notes on when funds are likely to be available once more.

At anytime the investor can suspend their profile (and disappear from the view of the brokers). The investor can also ban or suspend particular brokers from seeing their profile.